Mastering Complex Problem Solving: Enlightening Examples and Strategies


When we think about the essence of our intellect as humans, problem-solving skills undoubtedly claim a unique, irreplaceable spot. But, as we tread deeper into the uncharted territories of complex problems, the need for honing our abilities becomes paramount. Herein we delve into the most fascinating complex problem-solving examples and strategies.

Understanding Complex Problem Solving

Before sampling examples, understanding what constitutes complex problem solving (CPS) is essential. CPS is an intellectual procedure where a person uses his knowledge, facts, and skills to solve complicated, non-routine problems. These complex problems often include interconnected and dynamic variables that transform over time.

Inevitable Complex Problem-Solving Examples In Business

Let’s explore how CPS molds successful companies and why they emphasizes it so much.

1. Strategic Decision Making: Amazon’s Shift To Cloud Computing

Amazon’s leap towards cloud computing through AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a beaming example of CPS. Despite being a successful e-commerce player, Amazon realized the ever-growing demands for cloud computing. With robust analysis and decision-making strategies, Amazon used CPS to venture into cloud computing, generating multibillion-dollar revenue, and gaining supremacy in the digital world.

2. Mergers and Acquisitions: Disney’s Acquisition of Marvel

Disney’s acquisition of Marvel was a massive complex problem loaded with risk and unpredictability. Disney had to assess the synergies, deal with copyright issues, and integrate the contrasting corporate cultures, among other challenges. Disney’s successful CPS tactics turned this risky venture into a lucrative deal, generating billions in box-office revenues and streaming services.

Complex Problem-Solving Examples in Science

Science, the boundary-less world of inquiries, is filled with complex problems. Unfolding these mysteries requires a deep understanding and application of CPS.

1. Discovering Gravitational Waves

Unraveling the cosmic secret of gravitational waves demanded decades of continuous research by scientists worldwide. They assembled a world-class international team, addressed technical limitations, conceptual hurdles, and finally detected these waves in 2015 at LIGO. This study exemplifies CPS on a grand scale.

2. Developing COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented global health crisis. The scientific community’s race to develop a potent vaccine within limited time showcases complex problem-solving. From understanding the novel virus, devising techniques, conducting clinical trials to distributing these vaccines worldwide, each stage screamed of CPS.

Revamping Personal Lives with CPS

Complex problem-solving is not only confined to the corporates and science labs. It holds significant power to transfigure our everyday lives.

1. Maintaining A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Balancing personal and professional life is a complicated problem always reshuffling its variables. Facets like time-management, maintaining emotional health, affording leisure for self, etc., require meticulous usage of CPS skills in our personal lives.

2. Financial Planning

Effective financial planning to meet life goals while balancing the present needs vs. future aspirations, asset management, and risk handling is another example of CPS at play in our mundane routines.


Complex problem-solving skills are what differentiate us from most other living beings. They yield unimaginable results when implemented correctly, as illustrated by these examples drawn from the business, science, and personal life domains. As we progress in the journey of mastering CPS, we strengthen our arsenal to confront the canon of perplexing problems life throws at us.

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