10 Essential Strategies for Excelling at Lumosity Games

An Introduction to Excelling at Lumosity Games

Lumosity games serve as potent tools for brain-training, developed with an aim to enhance one’s cognitive abilities. In this detailed guide, we will shed light on various techniques and strategies that can help you improve your performance and elevate your Brain Performance Index (BPI).

Decoding the Concept of Lumosity Games

The games offered by Lumosity are scientifically engineered to challenge distinct areas of your brain, including memory, attention, flexibility, speed of processing, and problem-solving. Grasping the underlying concept of each game is integral for making significant progress.

Games Focused on Memory Enhancement

Pinball Recall: This game aims to test spatial recall through a pinball machine interface where the player is required to memorize the routes of varying balls. To excel in this game, consider visualizing the paths as unique shapes or patterns.

Memory Matrix: This game puts your visual memory to test by presenting a pattern of tiles for a brief duration that the player is expected to recreate. Segmenting the pattern into smaller parts can prove to be an effective strategy.

Games Targeting Attention Improvement

Eagle Eye: This game assesses visual attention by requiring players to spot a specific bird within a flock. Quick reflexes coupled with sharp focus are the keys to mastering this game.

Lost in Migration: This game evaluates selective attention by showcasing a flock of birds moving in diverse directions. The player’s task is to identify the direction of the bird in the center. Maintaining focus on the center and disregarding distractions is crucial.

Flexibility Enhancing Games

Color Match: This game measures response inhibition by displaying color words in varied colors. The player’s task is to identify the color of the word, disregarding the word itself. Regular practice can help in increasing speed and precision.

Brain Shift: This game tests task-switching abilities by requiring players to switch swiftly between different tasks. Staying adaptable and flexible is the key strategy for this game.

Speed Enhancing Games

Speed Match: This game assesses information processing speed by showcasing a series of cards. The player’s task is to identify if the current card matches the previous one. Rapid decision-making is vital for this game.

River Ranger: This game tests divided attention by requiring players to navigate a boat while identifying animals on the riverbanks. Dividing focus between tasks can significantly enhance performance.

Problem-Solving Games

Train of Thought: This game evaluates planning and divided attention by asking players to manage multiple trains and ensure they reach their correct stations. Developing a strategic approach is beneficial in mastering this game.

Organic Order: This game tests logical reasoning by requiring players to organize fruits in a specific order based on given instructions. Careful analysis and logical deduction can aid in performing well in this game.

Excelling at Lumosity Games

Strategies for Excelling at Lumosity Games

Grasping Lumosity’s scoring system, which relies heavily on BPI, can aid you in enhancing your overall performance. BPI is a measure derived from your game performances as compared to other users falling in the same age bracket. Regular practice, focusing on areas of improvement, and employing strategic approaches can help boost your BPI. Check out our key features of power of lifting apps a comprehensive guide to fitness achievement.


Lumosity games provide an interactive platform to boost cognitive abilities. By comprehending each game’s objective and implementing strategic approaches, you can augment your performance, elevate your BPI, and ultimately enjoy the benefits of improved brain health. For more information about Lumosity and its games, visit their Wikipedia page.

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